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Welcome to the UCLA chapter of the National Student Data Corps. NSDC UCLA was built to provide students with the ability to explore, participate, and grow within an inclusive data science community. We were founded in September of 2022. Explore our website to learn more about upcoming activities, events, and opportunities made just for you!

Frequently Asked Q&A

How do I join NSDC?

NSDC UCLA is an open-to-all, inclusive data science club! We pride ourselves in allowing every student to have access to the same educational materials without the need for applications, interviews, or bias. For that reason, you are a member of NSDC just by joining our Slack! 

Our board applications for Winter 2024 are now closed, however, if you would like to join the board and get more involved we will be having board applications for Spring 2024. 

Does NSDC have weekly meetings?

Instead of general all-member weekly meetings, we regularly host specialized workshops, socials, group activities, information sessions, and much more! Stay tuned to our Instagram @nsdcucla and our slack to find out more about the latest updates on our activities. 

Can I attend NSDC events if I know nothing about data science?

Yes! Our club aims to teach everyone, regardless of educational background, data science skills! While some of our workshops or events may be more aimed toward those with prior coding experience, statistical knowledge, etc., much of what our club teaches is for beginners! We are also always open to advising and connecting students to mentors, anything you need, just ask one of our board members over Slack or email! 

How is NSDC different from other data science clubs at UCLA?

NSDC is different from other UCLA data science clubs as we strive to make data science knowledge available to all UCLA students regardless of prior experience, graduating year, and major! We hope to be able to provide the UCLA community with data science skills that the UCLA curriculum may not explicitly cover, especially for those not in data science-related fields. See the Resources tab of our website to learn more about how to develop your skills to be a successful data scientist! 

What is the NSDC Slack used for?

We use our Slack as a way to inform members of upcoming events and activities as well as a place for students to ask questions to the board about the club, data science, classes, professors, and anything else you can think of! Our Slack is also used as a place where we encourage members to connect and reach out to other like-minded individuals at UCLA. 

What type of workshops/events has NSDC hosted in the past?

NSDC has hosted a variety of workshops including, Intro to Python, Tableau Fundamentals, Computer Vision, and more! Navigate to the Resources tab to watch recordings of the workshops or look through our Google Drive of resources. NSDC has also hosted a variety of events including hack-a-thons, project partner matching, and guest talks! 

What is NSDC planning for the 2023-2024 school year?

NSDC is excited about our upcoming events this 2023-2024 school year! We will be hosting even more workshops, talks, and our quarterly data science projects open to all! Winter 2024 project sign-ups will be released soon so stay tuned for that! Stay tuned to our Instagram (click below) for more updates!

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