What is Python?

Python is a high-level coding language used for data science in industry and research. Learn more below!

Python Resources

Python Online Classes: Online classes on anything and everything Python, beginner to advanced. 

Miles Chen UCLA Python Classes Online: All classes taught by Miles Chen are free online. The Stats 21 series is a phenomenal intro to Python.

Data Analysis with Python: Introduction to numpy, pandas, seaborn, and statistical analysis in Python.

Machine Learning with Python: Learn complex data stuctures, networking with libraries and vizulization tecniques.

Workshop Recording: Intro to Python

In the beginning of Winter Quarter 2023, NSDC UCLA hosted an Intro to Python Workshop which went over the basics of the most popular coding languages used in industry and research today. Below is a recording of that workshop as well as python practice problems and solutions. 

[NSDC] Intro to Python Workshop Recording.mp4

Intro to Python Optional Practice Problems 

Intro to Python Optional Practice Problems Solutions

Your dictionary should have keys such as ’Name’, ‘Number of Episodes’, etc.

favShow = {‘Name’: Secret Garden, ‘Number of Episodes’: 20, ‘Lead Actor’: ‘Hyun Bin’}

Print out the name of the show using favShow in this format: 

The name of my favorite show is [Name of show]

print(“The name of my favorite show is “ + favShow[‘Name’])

Change the values of your dictionary to the details of another show you like

favShow[‘Name’] = Jane the Virgin

favShow[‘Number of Episodes’] = 100

favShow[‘Lead Actor’] = ‘Justin Baldoni’

First solve this using a while loop:

i = 1

while i < 11:


Then use a for loop:

for i in range(1,11):


Workshop Recording: Advanced Python and NumPy

In the middle of Winter Quarter 2023, NSDC UCLA hosted an Advanced Python & NumPy Workshop which reviewed object-oriented programming skills and taught the basics of data processing. Below is a recording of that workshop as well as Python practice problems and answers. 

Advanced Python and NumPy Workshop.mp4

Advanced Python and NumPy Optional Practice Problems 

Advanced Python and NumPy Optional Practice Problems Solutions

def __init__(self, firstName, lastName, gender, occupation):

    self.firstName = firstName

    self.lastName = lastName

    self.gender = gender

    self.occupation = occupation

def introduce():

print(“Hello, I am “ + self.firstName +  “ “ + self.lastName + ”and I 

am a ” + self.occupation)


def __init__(self, salary, location, companyName):

self.salary = salary

self.location = location

self.companyName = companyName

def work(self):

print(“I am doing work.”)

class Engineer(Job):

def build(self):

print(“I am building stuff.”)

class Accountant(Job):

def doTaxes(self):

print(“I am doing taxes.”)

np_L = np.array(L)

l1 = 12*l1

l2.reshape(10, 2)

L[L%3 == 0]